I’m an author and photojournalist from Germany, currently based in Hanover, and Malmö, Sweden. Having picked up my camera in 2006 I mainly shot concerts but soon shifted towards more general news photography for our local newspaper. Since then I spent time at various outlets in Germany, Sweden and Turkey as photographer, author and photo editor.

I got a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese and Arabic-Islamic Studies from the University of Münster in 2014 and graduated from Lund University with a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies in 2016. Currently I’m living between Hanover, Germany, and Malmö, Sweden, studying photojournalism and documentary photography and working freelance.

Besides of the topics covered on these pages I aim to expand my photographic involvement throughout the curse of my current studies to work on more and bigger long term projects regarding my fields of interest in China, Taiwan, the Middle East and about global climate change.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any kind of inquiries.

~Lukas J. Herbers

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